First Aid For Road Accident

road accident firstaid

Steps-to-Take Immediately After a Road Accident

 Many deaths and collision of injuries can be prevented with First Aid if causalities are treated immediately. The basic aim of first aid are:

1.To save life.
2. To protect the casualty from getting more harm.
3. To reduce pain and priorities of Casualty Treatment.

Steps-to-take immediately After a Road Accident

Follow Steps-to-Take Immediately After a Road Accident

1)The patient ought to be transported on a stretcher or a stiff board. this can be necessary as reducing the number of movement the person experiences is important to avoid his/her injuries from turning into worse.

2)Keep the person’s neck and back straight. you may place a rolled up towel or thick cloth underneath the neck for higher support.

3) Ensure that the person is lying down flat.

4) If there’s solely a limb injury, the patient is often transported during a sitting position.

5) In case of a hemorrhage injury, raise the skinned half higher than the person’s body level and apply pressure on the region. Keep applying pressure until you reach the hospital. This helps management and eventually stop the hemorrhage.

6) Make certain the person encompasses a pulse and is respiration on the thanks to the hospital. If he/she stops respiration, be ready to start out the emergency procedure or EAR within the vehicle

7) Call For Ambulance 9573872648

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