First Aid For Miscarriage and Childbirth Emergencies

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What Is Miscarriage?

Miscarriage is the loss of pregnancy within the 20th week of gestation. More than 80% of miscarriages occur within the first three months. The medical term for a miscarriage is spontaneous abortion.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Miscarriage?

Symptoms of Miscarriage are:

  • Severe cramps
  • Bleeding which progresses from light to heavy
  • Fever
  • Abdominal pain
  • Back pain
  • Weakness

First Aid For Miscarriage and Child Birth EmergenciesWhat Causes Miscarriage?

  • Chromosomal abnormality in the fetus
  • The risk for chromosomal abnormality in a fetus increases as the mother’s age increases
  • Blighted ovum
  • Poor maternal health condition
  • Problems with the cervix or uterus

First Aid Treatment for Miscarriage:

Recommended steps for miscarriage management include:

  • Assist the woman to a resting position that is most comfortable to her.
  • Immediately call for ambulance or emergency medical assistance.
  • Observe the woman for any change in condition.
  • Watch out for dry lips and moisten it.
  • Do not give any food or fluids.


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