First Aid For Heart Attack At Home

first aid for heart attack

Heart Attack:

During heart attack,the blood supplies normally heart with oxygen is cut off and the heart begins to die.some people who are having a heart attack  have warning signs.some symptoms people who are have reports are:

*Upper body pain

*Chest  pain


*Trouble breathing

Heart attack is an serious can be also caused by blot clots.

When a person suddenly has a heart attack, First aid has to be done according to the following points:

  1. Immediately after observing symptoms, don’t leave that person alone. Put the victim in a sitting position with knees raised. This is because lifting the person’s legs up for about 10-15 inches will let more blood flow towards the heart. Lose up any tight clothing.
  2. Immediately make a call for an emergency helpline for an ambulance service.
  3. Don’t give any other medications; ask whether he/she is carrying any prescribed drugs for heart problems.
  4. Instruct them to chew 300 mg of aspirin slowly, because aspirin inhibits the growth of the blockage, but it shows action on platelets in the blood.
  5. Ensure that the patient is breathing and his pulse. Keep the person warm with a jacket or a blanket.
  6. If the pulse rate is going down, immediately do Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) i.e. giving artificial respiration– if no pulse is detected, place your palm on chest region to pump – 15 pumps followed by 2 artificial respiration.

Have A Look At The Image Below:

Continue till the ambulance or doctor arrives.

cpr for heark attack

Watch Video For More Details

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